Dog Walkers - Pinces Park.

I have always wanted a dog… There was always a reason why not; we’re not home enough, you won’t look after it, we can’t go out when we want, the list goes on. Then in 2016 my Mum got the news that she could workfrom home, one of the first things she said was ‘shall we look for a puppy?’ and so, at the grand age of 22, I got my first dog!

Maisie is a rescue from Romania. She was 1-2 months old when she was dumped at the public shelter with her brother and sister. At 2-3 months when she was rescued by a lovely charity that rehome street dogs in Romania, Germany and UK then at 3 months she made the journey to Devon, via Surrey where we went to collect her. 

What has been really surprising is the changes that Maisie has made to my family and the relationships we have built through having her. We have a park at the end of our road which is well used by dog walkers, you will always find someone to stop and chat with and after a few months, a group of owners started a Saturday Dog Walk. They meet every Saturday at 10am and walk for about 2 hours, not hard terrain just a walk and talk. The best thing about these walks is that many of the people attending the walk are now firm friends!! 

Here are some of the people that turn up every Saturday to walk and talk, some are rescues, some are pure breeds, some are both.  All are best friends and companions. 


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